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CM Series In-Building Repeater CM2KSBR-45U
(to 4,500 square feet) For small offices and homes

Verizon AT&T Repeaters Dual Band Booster for small office
Verizon Cingular Dual Band Cellular PCS CM Repeater system

CM Series Home or Office Repeater System

Model: CM2KSBR-45U

Price: $479.63

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Uplink: 824-849 MHz and 1850-1910 MHz
Downlink: 869-895 MHz and 1930-1990 MHz


60dB Maximum Variable

Technologies Supported

(Does NOT support 4G or Nextel)

RF Connections

Outside Antenna Port: FME Male
Inside Antenna Port: FME Male

Cable Connectors

FME Female and N-type Male

Donor Antenna

Fiberglass Dual Band with Mounts
5dB Gain
N Female Connector

Coverage Antenna

Indoor Dual Band Dome Ceiling Mount
3dBi Gain
N Female Connector

FCC Approval


Industry Canada Approval


Power Supply

115VAC to 6VDC


Notes: The CM2KSBR-45U system is not for use in cars, open console boats, RVs less than 40’ length or in open air without a roof/wall structure.

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Additional Related Items for this Repeater System

The following items may be purchased in addition to the base system. We cannot swap out any of these items for items that are in the base kit. We recommend that you purchase the base system first and see if it does the job needed. You can always come back and expand the system later if needed/desired.

Dual Band Cellular GSM Repeater
Dual Band Yagi Antenna

Dual Band High Gain Yagi Antenna

Model: DA489DB

Price: $159.95

For lower reception areas, the Dual Band High Gain Yagi Donor (external) Antenna! Improve signal without sacrificing either band.

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NOTE: Other antenna options are available for this repeater. Please call for details.

Important Notes:

All of our repeater systems are subject to a restocking charge. Systems are returnable within 30-Days of original purchase. You will need a Return Authorization (RMA) before returning. And of course there are conditions and limitations.


To drastically cut back on the need for returns of these systems we offer and STRONGLY encourage as much pre-sales consulation as is necessary for you and/or your associates to completely understand the proper implementation of the system and it's expected capabilities. We will collect vital information from you about your planned purchase and installation in order to be sure you are proceeding in the right direction. There is NO CHARGE for these consultations. Our phone number is even Toll Free! 1(800) 238-2811 In fact, if you order one of these systems via this website and you haven't spoken to us yet, you'll be contacted before we begin to process your order. By doing this we virtually eliminate the need for customers to return these systems. We know that when these repeater systems are pre-planned and correctly installed that they will in most cases exceed expectations. We will NEVER try to sell you a system that has extras you don't need. We will always help you get the system that most closely fits your situation. If you're serious about improving the reception in your situation, we're serious about making it possible!


Warranty: Our repeater systems carry a Full One-Year warranty - Certain restrictions apply.


Specifications and Pricing subject to change without notice.


Please check local regulations regarding installation of external antennas.


Installation is the responsibility of the purchaser. Criterion Cellular provides friendly, knowledgeable and free technical support via phone and email for questions regarding installation and application both before and after the sale -- However, Criterion Cellular personnel will not provide support at your location.

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Our latest additon to our ever growing line of repeater systems for home, small office, RV's and boats. The CM2KSBR system increases signal strength and improves cellular communication without a physical connection to cell phone.


• Wireless – no connections to cell phone

• Amplifies 800/850 and 1900 MHz bands (except Nextel) Voice and Data

(Verizon, ATT, Cingular, Sprint, Alltel, T-Mobile, Cellular One, Etc.)

• Use multiple cell phones and carriers at the same time

• Reduces dropped calls

• Up to 4,500 sq. ft. coverage area*

• Extends the life of your cell phone battery

• Approved and recommended by ALL carriers in the US and most in Canada!

Stay Connected ... Wirelessly!

The CM2KSBR requires no physical connection to your phone. How does this work? An outside antenna receives the signal from the cell tower, the signal is amplified by the CM2000 unit and repeated to your cell phone through the inside antenna. No physical connection to your phone means you now have the freedom to walk around while talking on your phone. This technology even allows clean and clear wireless functioning of multiple cell phones operating on 800 and 1900MHz bands simultaneously, with a coverage area up to 4,500 square feet.* . Larger System Here

* Coverage area is based upon a minimum outside signal strength of 65% or better. As outside signal strength decreases, coverage area decreases.

Complete Systems are Easy to Install

The CM2KSBR is sold as a complete system with everything you need for no hassle installation. This innovative design offers Dynamic Variable Gain control and amplification of transmit and receive signals. A minimum separation of 40’ is required between the inside and outside antennas unless isolating material such as metal roof/structure is placed between antennas.

CM2KSBR can be used with all 800 and 1900 MHz digital cell phones and tri-mode phones operating on CDMA, TDMA, 3G, PCS, GSM850/1900, GPRS and AMPS (does NOT cover Nextel - For Nextel Systems go here)

learn all about repeater systems here






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